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At Fraser Green Valleys, quality is central to everything we do. Why? Because we know that what goes into our products has a direct impact on the desired, consistent experience you expect from them.

It’s a commitment that we can trace back to the earliest days of our companys history. You see, we’re not newcomers when it comes to cananbis. Instead, as passionate advocates, and members of the Canadian cannabis industry, we have been hand picking all the craft cannabis as you can test and see for yourself.

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With deep roots comes a deep understanding of what our customers want from their cannabis products, and consumption experiences.

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We love connecting with fellow cannabis enthusiasts and are always open to feedback from our customers.

We know that quality is important to you

it’s important to us too

That’s why all of the products that we develop, source, and deliver quality cannabis and cocentrates created using natural formulations, backed by thorough due diligence and quality control.

We are committed to quality and safety. Building on our legacy knowledge we have developed rigorous testing standards, guided by a strict adherence to Health Canada regulations. It’s just one of the ways that we ensure every single product, and resulting experience meets your expectations. Quality Over Quantity is a quote we live and stand by.

Above all, we understand the importance of the consumer experience, because we are dedicated consumers ourselves, and we believe in cannabis as much as you do. Fast / Discreet Delivery Under An Hour In Abbotsford/Mission