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Faded Cannabis Co


Enjoy the plentiful benefits of CBD in a delicious form with Faded Cannabis Co. Diced Pineapples. These tropical treats are infused with the perfect amount of CBD to help you get through anything that comes your way.

With Faded Cannabis Co. Grapefruit Bursts, you can fight away any problems that come your way. These delicious fruit-flavoured candies are infused with CBD and contain all the plentiful natural benefits found in CBD, without the harsh, intoxicating effect of THC. Every package is perfectly dosed so you always get the amount you need


Faded Cannabis Co. Grape Crush Gummies are a new and delicious alternative way for you to medicate with cannabis. If you’re a health-conscious individual looking to stray away from the negative side-effects associated with smoking, then these edibles are perfect for you! These sweet Grape Crush flavoured gummies are infused with 180mg THC and dusted in a sour sugar for an added zing!

Faded Cannabis Co. Fizzy Colas are the perfect treat after a long, stressful day at work. Kick back and relax with Faded Cannabis Co.’s proprietary recipe that carefully blends together your favourite, classic candies and THC distillate into one ultra-medicating snack. Each fizzy cola flavoured gummy is dusted in a light layer of sour sugar for an added tartness to counter balance the sweetness.

Faded Cannabis Co. Sour Suckers are a new-school twist on a familiar classic. These soft and chewy sucker-shaped gummies come in assorted fruit flavours and are infused with just the perfect amount of THC. Eat a couple sour suckers after a stressful day of work and satisfy your sweet tooth while also reaping the mighty benefits of cannabis!

Faded Cannabis Co. Wild Watermelons will take your tastebuds on an adventure! These delicious watermelon flavoured gummies will flood your mouth with a delicious fruity blast that’s covered in a zingy sour sugar. These THC infused edibles are perfect for winding down after a long, stressful day – don’t get too ahead of yourself though as they pack a potent punch!

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Faded Cannabis Co Edibles

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Phyto’s premium terpene-rich distillate formulations are made using all-natural, food-grade ingredients, with absolutely zero fillers or synthetic additives. With an impressive 80-90% THC range, all of our vape products are created using our legacy knowledge, combined with strict adherence to Health Canada’s rigorous quality control testing and processes.


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